Going Digital

House of worship in the 21st century is changing. The Church is more dependent on technology to drive its everyday service.  Multimedia units are now the Hymn book and Bible for worshippers.

A poorly equipped media unit could impact negatively on the overall flow of the service.

The concept of Church without walls has become the foundation for Church growth as todays members are more virtual that physical. Giving and Titling online seems to generate more than within the four walls of the Church.

Your Church can use media technology in a way that enriches real-life relationships, to stay connected between the church’s face-to-face gatherings. New Media Technology can also enable your church to communicate with parishioners and more people in more ways without being constrained by time and space

The Church has used technology throughout history: papyrus, printing press, piano, organ, lighting, microphones, guitars, drums, and video projectors. And with the advent of Satellite TV Broadcast, Live Streaming to Mobile devices, the internet, we have newer multimedia technologies like websites, social networking, and SMS to phone, etc. that have greatly increase ministry impart on the congregation and lead to church growth.

It’s never too late to start incorporating technology as part of your church’s ministry. But, the longer you wait, the more opportunities are lost in connecting with people whose lives are technology-infused.

Technology as a tool for House of worship has come to stay. The main challenge, are you well equipped and is the money spent equipping well spent?

5 Keys for Success

  1. Understand you pattern of Worship: Not every technology tool is necessary for every Church.
  2. Know Your limits: start small and scale up.
  3. Simplify the Technology. Don’t go for a complex and difficult to understand setup.
  4. Consult the Professionals. Always seek advice from the right source
  5. Train your Team. Having the right equipment but no knowledge of using it, is as good as not having it in the first place.

Generation Networks can provide solutions to better steward your church current Media Technology with prevailing New Media Technology together, to share what’s working, what didn’t work, and proffer professional consultancy on what your church is thinking, so you can make informed Media Technology decisions for the present and in the future.


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